Beijing Dong You Law Office of comprehensive legal services was established on the initiative and with the support of Beijing Alumni Society of Soochow University (SU) and finally with the approval of Beijing Judicial Bureau. All the partners and full-time lawyers of Office after many years practising are in their prime years and full of vigor with the background of previous working in courts, procuratorates, police departments and agencies of science and technology. Most of them were conferred the titles of judges, prosecutors, and engineers, signifying their correspondingly rich experience in the spheres of judiciary, science and technology.

Among the specially invited senior lawyers in our Office are former chief judges of the divisions of the Supreme People’s Court PRC and others with long years of judicial practice and superb command of law. Our part-time lawyers are also of high calibre. Some are proficient in foreign languages,some are holders of Master’s degree in law from universities in Hongkong and foreign countries.

Our office adheres to the principle of “law first and clients our priority consideration” by offering effective, efficient and satisfactory legal services to our clients .Our Office handles mainly the following:

1. Cases concerning domestic and overseas financing, technology transfer, real estate development, protection of intellectual property rights, and related consulting services;

2. Assistance in going through the procedure for opening foreign-invested enterprises, offering advice on legal affairs in China and settlement of disputes and other legal affairs;

3. Legal affairs related to investment and trade and other assignments entrusted by clients from Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan regions;

4. Legal affairs in related to organizing and reorganizing various kinds of companies or dealing in ownership of any property;

5. As permanent legal consultants and consultants on individual projects to be retained by enterprises, public institutions and departments of the government, etc.;

6. Acting as the defence counsel and representative of our clients in arbitration or in lawsuits of economic, civil, administrative and criminal nature;

7. Other legal services with respect to liquidation of the outstanding debts to be recovered among enterprises or public institutions etc.;

8. Other legal matters.

Our office is not only staffed with full time lawyers who are young or middle-aged, energetic and in good health but also has formed a senior Advisory Committee of considerable size, consisting of more than 40 senior consultants partly from the Alumni Society of Soochow University and partly from the retired senior officials or leading members of the judiciary, the procuratorates, Ministries of Public Security, Foreign Trade and the Administration of Industry and Commerce,etc. This Law Office owes its founding and success to the full support of the Alumni Society of Soochow University which was a well-known advanced academy home and abroad. In 1952,the various colleges and departments of Soochow University were merged into many other universities and colleges and some graduates of the University organized another Soochow University in Taiwan of which the late Mr. Zhang Xiaoci was once president. A large number of the graduates of Soochow University in mainland made remarkable contributions to the nation and society. For example, Mr. Fei Xiaotong, the Chairman of Beijing Alumni Society of Soochow University is currently the Vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China. Mr. Sun Qimeng and Ms .Lei Jieqiong are the Vice-chairman and Vice-chairwoman of the Standing Committee of NPC. And Mr. Zhao Puchu is the Vice-chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Five of the graduates were successively justices of International Court in the Hague. Most members of the above said Advisory Committee used to be the senior judge, senior procurator, senior police officer, senior lawyer, senior accountant, senior economist, senior journalist, ambassador, professor, expert and arbitrator of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, etc. They all possess high special expertise, have acquired elegant accomplishments in legal matters and are keeping close contact with the legal celebrities in Hongkong, Taiwan, Europe, USA and the 15 mainland provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Suzhou and so on.

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